Staunton Island

Moving up in the world eh? Staunton Island is ripe with organized crime beyond your wildest thoughts. It's not just criminals who roam the streets, but also corrupt police officers being paid bribes to ease off criminal overlords.

The second you step foot into Staunton you will already feel the heat of the deadly Columbian Cartel. They are the assholes driving the huge blue hummer type trucks and rock boots and cowboy hats. The other biggest gang in Staunton is the Yakuza mafia, run by Kenji. You will also notice the cars in Staunton have stepped up from Portland. You will start to see many faster, more expensive, cars driving around the central city.

Staunton has the biggest weapons stores, from the famous Ammu-nation, to the huge heavy weapons seller, Phil. Phil lost his arm during the war, or so he says. His prices are acceptable and it's great protection.

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