GTA3 Cast

GTAIII had many great actors some of which have done voice acting in many other popular games.

Salvatore Leone - Frank Vincent
Luigi Goterelli - Joe Pantoliano
Tony Cipriani - Micheal Madsen
Joey Leone - Micheal Rappapor
Maria - Debi Mazar
Donald Love - Kyle Maclachan
Ray Machowski - Robert Loggia
8-Ball - Guru
Momma - Sondra James
Asuka - Liana Pai
Kenji - Les Mau
Catalina - Cynthia Farrell
Miguel - Al Espinosa
El Burro - Chris Phillips
Chico - Hunter Platin
D-Ice - Walter Mudu
Curtly - Curtis Mcclarin
Marty Chonks - Chris Phillips
Curly Bob - Hunter Platin
King Courtney - Walter Mudu
Misty - Kim Gurney
Phil Cassidy - Hunter Platin

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